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With the growing advancements in the production of cleaning and maintenance objects, the number of housekeeping materials suppliers has also increased. There are several cleaning materials wholesalers in the market today. As one of the leading companies among the housekeeping materials providers, Balaji Corporate Facility offers you only the finest products and services for cleaning. Our products and services are meant to suffice the users’ necessity for cleanliness with 100% results. We are also one of the best housekeeping chemicals suppliers and paper tissue suppliers in the market. Listed below are some of our cleaning products.

Cleaning mops

With the cleaning mop, the customers get the guarantee of effortless and swift cleaning experience from one of the top housekeeping materials providers. This mop is an innovative concept for cleaning floors on a primary basis. You get a bucket for holding water along with a long – stick mop with cotton layering for sweeping. The bucket also contains a rotator for squeezing the water from the mop. This product is sold by top cleaning mop and tool suppliers.

Cleaning liquids

Among the finest housekeeping chemicals suppliers, we offer many liquids for a better cleaning approach. You get the regular floor, glass, and dish cleaner. Other than the mainstream ones, we also provide some unique cleaner liquids because of our best cleaning chemicals suppliers’ reputation. You can also buy the cleaners for oil surface, dishes, rust, lime scales, and soap oils.

Clean-up brushes

There are different varieties of cleaner brushes available with the housekeeping materials suppliers. You can buy floor sweeping and scrubbing brush, indoor and outdoor brush, hard brush, carpet brush, and hand brush as well. Use these brushes to clean out the dirt and stains from the walls, floors, windows, and everything else. Get the best quality brushes from the best cleaning items suppliers.

Mops and mop holders

There are different mops for different cleaning purposes like ceilings, windows, floors, etc. You can get the dry and wet mops along with their stick and swivel holders, mop sleeves, hand mops, and the complete sets from the cleaning mop and tool suppliers. We produce mops with high – absorbent qualities and quick drying facility. You can also choose from different sizes of handles.

Air Freshener

The Taski product dealers provide some freshening air cleaner liquids. You can use these air fresheners to get rid of the foul smells in the toilets. It is easy to use as well. Just keep them in the desirable place for 20 minutes and watch the odors go. You can buy this Taski air freshener from the cleaning chemicals suppliers.

Cleanser tissues

As paper tissue suppliers, we also offer tissues and toilet papers of the best quality. You can buy the tissues and toilet paper rolls in different shapes and sizes. Tissue suppliers present different qualities for the cleaning papers, rolls of toilet paper, and handkerchief at different prices.


Cleaning materials wholesalers provide different sizes of dustbins in heavy and light weight categories. You can get the roof closed bins, open bins, and wide bins. The housekeeping materials dealers also provide different color options for the dustbins to differentiate the degradable and biodegradable waste. You can buy the smallest open dustbins to the largest drum-size covered dustbins from the cleaning items suppliers.

Housekeeping Service Provider

We offer cleaning services like pest control, sanitation, floor vacuuming, and more as a housekeeping service provider. We are a leading manpower provider and offer quality assistance in terms of cleaning services. The team of dedicated cleaning material suppliers will come directly at your place for the cleaning aid.

Taski products

As a Taski product dealer, we offer the best Taski products for cleaning and maintenance services. You can buy products like cleaning soaps, freshening chemicals, and other liquids of the Taski brand at very reasonable prices from the excellent housekeeping materials wholesalers.

The need for housekeeping materials dealers and cleaning material suppliers is soaring high today. We are a company of trusted quality products and affordable prices dedicated to service the customers as tissue suppliers and manpower providers. Offering the best cleaning materials has made us one among the top.

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About Balaji Corporate Facility

Balaji Corporate Facilities is an industrial supplier, trader, manufacturer, general merchandiser of various housekeeping materials. We are one of the recently developed company that has become widely famous for our products and work.We are a reliable brand offering reliable solutions. Since our establishment our company has tried to fulfill its commitment towards reliability, efficiency and quality. At Balaji Corporate facilities we believe in rendering our customers and clients with products that are cost effective and with the right chemical composition.Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is quite a famous proverb that has become an integral part of civilized human society. However, keeping the residential and commercial premises clean is hard and a highly important task.

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Our Products

Our Products

This Versatile Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect vacuum for quick cleaning in hard to reach places and their light weight design and harness SS telescopic extension pipe make them easy for anyone to.

Our Products

The Steam Cleaner is an cleaning system, which increases the final shining of Rhodium Plating. Designed & developed by professionals who do not compromise with quality. Also available in Fully Automatic version. Available in 10 / 30 Ltrs.

Our Products

We are engaged in offering Glass Cleaner to the clients. The Glass Cleaner cleans the glass instantly, leaving a shine on the glass.

Our Products

We offer this highly effective Toilet Cleaner that helps fighting against the germs instantly. Our Toilet Cleaner is appreciated for its effectual action. The Toilet Cleaner prevents foul smell and therefore high on demand in the market.

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