About the company

FotoBalaji Corporate Facilities, is a private organization that laid its foundation on 30, august, 2016. The company takes pride in providing the best housekeeping services, support services, and facility management.

Along with providing façade cleaning service in Ghaziabad, Balaji Corporate Facilities Pvt. Ltd. provides security guards for various requirements like corporate, industrial, hospitality, part time, specific event, hospitals, parking, malls, residential, etc.

Though a recent organization, but their sense of commitment, discipline, and a well experienced professional team has already made us superior to other Façade Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad. Their range of services is not only trustworthy but also extremely satisfactory.

Our Façade Cleaning Service Company in Ghaziabad is not only promising but at the same time very cost effective. With a quick service providing team and ISO certification, we have managed to become the most efficient Façade Cleaning Service provider, since 2016.

Why our Façade Cleaning Services

The utmost beauty and elegance of every infrastructure lie in its cleanliness. No matter however much you invest in building an architectural design but if you do not maintain it, all goes in vain. Balaji Corporate Facilities is a reliable and leading Façade Cleaning Service Provider that makes sure that the external structures of your building are always shining and spotless.

Service Management

There are a lot of areas that we undertake for cleaning with utmost care. There are window cleaning, rooftop cleaning and other external patterns in your building which are covered by our professional team. The team makes sure that no harm has been caused to any of the structures and cleaning at specific places may also be done delicately. Charges and cleaning timings are extremely flexible at Balaji Corporate Facilities, and we work at our client’s comfort. Along with these, Balaji Corporate Facilities workers make use of technologies like movable platforms, and delicate automatically running dust brushes to make sure that no part of even the taller buildings is left unclean.

Achieving the high customer satisfaction and a quick follow-up, Balaji Corporate Facilities has emerged to be the most sought Façade Cleaning Service Company in Ghaziabad.

Cost and quality

Balaji Corporate Facilities, right from its advent has proved that they provide the best Façade cleaning Service in Ghaziabad. The quality that Balaji Corporate Facilities has managed to give at such competitive prices is praise-worthy.

Since Façade cleaning has emerged more or less like a profession these days, Balaji Corporate Facilities makes sure to hire experienced and professional workers, who specialize in these cleaning services and get the work done with minimal cost and no wastage. The quality is of supreme concern.

With more and more complexes and buildings coming up, all that one need is someone to maintain these structures and to capture its external beauty as it is by keeping it clean, and Balaji Corporate Facilities façade cleaning service aims just to do that.

This dedication towards the client and his satisfaction has earned Balaji Corporate Facilities a stand among other Façade cleaning services in Ghaziabad.