The Wet & Dry MISTRAL 802 WD ECO modes is compact, highly maneuverable steel built vacuums provided with a float with filter for wet applications, together with a second filter for suction of dust and dry material, thus alternatively carry out wet or dry cleaning operations in several professional industrial fields.

Suction Unit
The suet on is provided by a suction unit of the side channel blower type with direct coupling between the fan and the motor shaft and no transmission system. It is thus maintenance free, very silent and frt for round-the-clock 24 hours duty. A safety switch cuts off the motor in case of overheating. A vacuum indicator enables constant checking of the suction performance and detecting possible clogging of the filter.

The dust fitter kit 1s made by a double bag type filter made up by a polyester fitter on the inside, providing a good filtration and nylon on the outside, in order to protect the main filter from abrasive or cutting material. The dust filter has a self cleaning system, which causes the dust to shake off each time the vacuum is shut off. The wet kit is made up by a floating device, protecting the motor against damage from liquids, foam and solid objects and a nylon filter prevents solid material blocking the floating or foam getting to the motors.